Jude 1:22, 23

“And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.”


We are commanded to have compassion on some people, as the brother of Jesus tells us. Compassion is when we are moved by the suffering of others, and we should let it move us into action. Throughout the gospels we see Jesus being driven by His compassion for the lowly, and it always resulted in action. He saw the multitudes like sheep without a shepherd, and He was moved into action for them. He was concerned when the masses went 3 days without food, and would not send them home until He fed them, even supernaturally. Jesus was driven by this love for others all the way to the end. Even while He was hanging on the cross, bloody and beaten, He commanded John to take care of His mother, and even asked the Father to forgive those who crucified Him! Wow! What an incredible God we serve.


Know that this same Jesus, whom many of us call Lord, did these things as an example for us to follow. He actually commands us to love one another… He does not suggest it (John 13:34). He then tells us that those who truly love Him will keep His commands, and that those who do not walk in His ways, neither love nor know Him. (John 14:24, 1 John 2:3-6) We cannot know God unless we walk in the same direction that HE is walking in. (Amos 3:3, 1John 2:3-6)


So as you walk with Christ, and His heart starts to beat inside of you, let His blood flow though your veins. Let it consume every part of your body and mind so that you walk as He walked. Oh God, help us to see as You see, and hear the cries of the broken! May we not harden our hearts when we hear their plea for help. Let us move as one body to their defense, treating them as good as we treat ourselves.


            What does this look like to us? Well when we see a person broken, or suffering, and we feel the Spirit in us burdened for them, let us listen to Him and do something about it. There are so many things that we can do, if we are not too preoccupied with our own lives to see the needs of others. God awaken us out of our slumber! Let us work while it is called today, for God is at work until now, and we must imitate Him!

James tells us that faith without works is dead. For if we see a brother or sister in need, and say, “be warm and filled” but do not give them the things needed for the body, then that is a dead faith. But the faith that is of God is an active faith, a faith that loves, a faith that sees and moves into action. That is the faith that saves.

Above all, let us get an eternal perspective, so that when we walk past people, we think about their eternal destination. Jesus said many enter destruction, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, and few find life; so chances are that most people don’t know the Lord. Let us get out of the fog of self centered living and start to focus on both the physical, and most of all spiritual condition of others, because we love them dearly. May God awaken you, if you are asleep, and enlist you into His service today. The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labors are few, therefore pray to the Father of the harvest to send forth God fearing, Spirit filled labors to do His work.

I love each of you and pray that everyone would know Christ Jesus, and become like Him.  In His service, Jonathan Ball

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