Right in Your Own Eyes

Proverbs 21:2 

“Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the hearts.”

Consider the way dogs cross the road. A dog will wander onto a freeway oblivious to the danger. His tail wags as he steps between cars without a second thought. Cars swerve. Tires squeal. The noise is deafening as vehicles smash into each other. The sleepy dog stops wagging his tail for a moment and looks at the pile of smoldering, broken autos on the freeway. His expression betrays his thoughts. His bone-burying brain doesn’t realize for one moment that he is responsible for the disaster. 

When man wanders onto the freeway of sin, his tail wags with delight. He thinks that this is what he was made for. His thoughts of any repercussions for his actions are shallow. His mind wanders into lust, then predictably he wanders onto the path of adultery. Suddenly a disaster sits before him. His marriage is shattered, his name is slurred, his children are twisted and scarred. But like the dumb dog, he doesn’t realize for one moment that he is solely responsible for his sin.”

Ray Comfort

I was like that dumb dog years ago. I was very sinful, and lived a criminal. I kept finding my self in jail, programs, broken and hurt, all the while I was blaming the police, the judges, the law and my parents for my plight. My actions had been justified in my own eyes, as horrible as they were, all until God broke into my life one day in a jail cell. He spoke to my heart and told me to surrender my life of sin. So I finally quit running from Him and surrendered. That is when He gave me new eyes to see, and I realized that it was my own ways that were destroying my life. Jesus changed my heart and gave me life. I now love the law and the police, and my parents. Above all I love God, who is rich in mercy to all who will humbly call upon His name. 

Jonathan Ball

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