Criminal Mind

Psalms 7:11 “God is a just Judge, and God is angry with the wicked every day.”
I used to be a criminal. Every thought I had was wrong and polluted. My mind thought of sin, crime and lust continually, yet I had a hate for the Law as if it was their fault that I was locked up for the un- teenth time. In fact, most of the people incarcerated with me claimed to be innocent. Do you really believe we were? No way! Not most of us. But this is the mindset that all of humanity is born with towards a holy God, because we were all born into sin. Our minds are at enmity with our Creator, yet we feel we are justified in our actions. But the fact is that He is the One who is just and holy and good, and it is we who must change our ways. God has a right to be angry with the wicked daily because we blaspheme, slander, and drink iniquity like water. Any good judge would be justly angry at a rapist who kills little children, or someone who is rebellious and continually breaks the law with no remorse. But God is not like man in the sense that we would seek the destruction of our enemies, but in His love He sent His own Son into the world to take the punishment that we deserve. On that cross it was as if Jesus had committed lust, adultery, idolatry, pridefulness, arrogance, rebellion, homosexuality, murder, hatred, gossip, drunkenness, selfishness, greed, blasphemy, rape, and every other wicked thing we have done, and He boar the full brunt of the Fathers wrath upon Himself, even being separated from Him for the first time in eternity. Jesus suffered all this and then rose from the dead for us, but if we continue to reject His grace and live as criminals against the God of all creation, then there is nothing left for us but a fearful expectation of the much deserved wrath of God; and that wrath is eternal.
Please, if your mind is still at war with the law of God, turn to the Father in repentance today, leave your sins behind and receive the free gift of life that He offers you through Jesus. Today is the day of salvation; you may not have tomorrow.
Love Jonathan


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