Jesus Christ is all that the Godhead is

1 Corinthians 1:30 “But of Him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.”

I advise you not to listen to those who spend their time demeaning the Person of Christ.
I advise you to look beyond the cloudiness of modern terms used by those who themselves are not sure who Jesus Christ was in reality.
You cannot trust the man who can only say , “I believe that God revealed Himself through Christ.” Find out what he really believes about the Person of the incarnate Son of God!
You cannot trust the man who will only say that Christ reflected more of God than other men do. Neither can you trust those who say that Jesus Christ was the supreme religious genius, having the ability to catch and reflect more of God than any other man.
All of these approaches are insults to the Person of Jesus Christ. He was and is and will never cease to be God, and when we find Him and know Him, we are back at the ancient foundation again.
Christ is all that the Godhead is!
This is the wonder, the great miracle- that by one swift, decisive, considered act of faith and prayer, our souls go back to the ancient foundation of our being, and we start over again!
It is in Jesus Christ Himself that we find our source, our satisfaction. I think this is what John Newton perceived in the miracle of the new birth, causing him to sing, “Now rest my long- divided heart, fixed on this blissful center – rest!”

A.W. Tozer


God is Always First- And Will Surely be the Last

God is Always First- and Will Surely be the Last

Revelations 1:8

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord.”

“God is always first, and God will surely be last! In the plan of God, man is never permitted to utter the first word nor the last. That is the prerogative* of the Deity, and one which He will never surrender to His creatures. (*the exclusive right because of His position)

Man has no say about the time or the place of his birth; God determines that without consulting the man himself. One day the little man finds himself in consciousness and accepts the fact that he is. There his volitional* life begins. (*the ability to make conscious choices or decisions)

Before that he had nothing to say about anything. After that he struts and boasts, and encouraged by the sound of his own voice he may declare his independence of God.

Have your fun, little man; you are only chattering in the interim* between first and last. You had no voice at the first and you will have none at the last! (* a period of time between two occurrences or periods.)

God reserves the right to take up at the last where He began at the first, and you are in the hands of God whether you will or not.

Adam became a living soul but that becoming was not of his own volition. It was God who willed it and who executed His will in making Adam a living soul. God was there first!

And when Adam sinned and wrecked his whole life, God was there still. Adam’s whole future peace lay in this- that God was still there after he had sinned. It would be great wisdom for us to begin to live in the light of this wonderful and terrible truth: God is the first and the last!”

A.W. Tozer


In Danger


“If I have not found Christ, I am in danger of death every day and of the Hell that is the everlasting prison of all unbelievers. If I have not found Christ, I am still without hope, and without God in the world- ‘condemned already’- because I have not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God!”
Charles H. Spurgeon