The Occult in the Church

The Occult in the Church

1Timothy 4:1

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.”

Scripture warns us that in our times people would be led away from the truth by deceitful spirits, and that is happening today all over the world. The New Age movement and false teachings are flooding the “Churches” of America, and around the world. These spirits with their teachings are leading multitudes away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ and right into the pit of hell.

Satan knows that for many in “Churches”, he cannot simply present Satanism to them for they will reject such blunt offers; therefore he sneaks his doctrines in stealthily, providing something more tasteful for the masses. He provides sugar coated lies, occult practices with “Jesus” stamped on them so that the people will bite the bate; and they do, millions of them. It breaks my heart.

Here is an example: Yoga is seen by many as just a way to exercise your body and mind, and that it is totally harmless; yet yoga is rooted in the eastern religion Hinduism. The very name itself means: to yoke (which means to be joined to another). Yoga is to join you with the spirits of Hinduism, which are really demons. The yoga moves are actually individual offerings of praise to the 330 million gods that are worshiped. At the end of yoga class, people say “Namaste” which means “the god within me greets the god within you.” But we have people like Pastor Rick Warren who have holy yoga classes at church, and there are many who think lightly of such matters.

 Not only does Rick Warren mingle with such things, but he has also created what’s called the Daniel Plan. This plan has invaded the Church and the thousands upon thousands whom Rick has influence over. A careful look at those who Warren chose to help compile the Daniel Plan will reveal the deceitful work of satan involved. Dr Mehmet Oz, Dr Daniel Amen, and Dr Mark Hyman where those whom Pastor Rick Warren chose to help form a health plan for God’s people, all of whom are not Christian doctors, and together their beliefs range from un Biblical meditation, to hypnosis; even involving occult practices and the use of energies to heal.  Copy and paste or click the link for more info:

These are just a few of the many ways that New Age philosophies and occult practices have entered Church buildings, leading people away from truth in Christ and toward demonic doctrines.

With a love for God’s people, Jonathan Ball


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