The Cares of this Life

The Cares of this Life

Matthew 13:22

“Now he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word, and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful.”

Jesus warns us here of what can happen when a person hears the word of God; they hear the truth proclaimed and yet their attention is swept away by the concerns of this life. What a tragedy for these people! What a tragedy for the multitudes in our nation that hear the eternal gospel preached over and over, and yet their ears are numb to it; it means nothing to them. For one day these people will wake up in hell and only then will they take heed to the warnings of God’s message, but then it will be too late! What a tragedy!

Is this you, dear reader, or is this someone you know? For Jesus came to the world to give us one way of escaping the coming judgment, but the cares of this life often drown out His words so you will not hear. You must, you must hear His voice! And when you hear, obey! Do not let anything distract you, but strain your ears to listen to the commands of the Author of life. Nothing else matters, not cars nor riches nor fame, not strength nor intelligence nor looks, for all will fade away like a flower, but your soul will live on somewhere; where, oh where will it dwell for eternity!? That is the question you must ask. Ask yourself before it is too late; Tomorrow is not promised, and even today was a gift of grace.

What are those things that weigh you down?; Those terrible weeds that grow in our hearts; silly stupid troubles that strangle the truths spoken by God. Is it a job that takes all your focus in life? What about your financial status? Is it entertainment that consumes all of your time so that you do not spend it with God, and therefore do not know His will that you may do it? There will be no Television in hell, nor money nor pleasure, so why do we sell our souls for these things?

Jesus left us here on earth so that we might be salt and light. If therefore we do not give light to others, what good are we? Do not let the deceit of riches rob you from eternal wealth! Do not let these passing pleasures blind you from seeing eternal life! Cast aside this filthy world, flee from lust and follow hard after Christ! Seek first His kingdom and be only concerned with that. Do not let worldly troubles fog your vision; for any branch that produces no fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire (John 15:5, 6).

 Therefore, fear God and set your eyes on His kingdom, do His work and be ready for Him when He returns. His reward is in His hand, and He will repay each man according to his deeds, whether good or evil.

Love Jonathan Ball



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