Using Our Freedoms For Him

Oh professing Christian, what are you doing with your life? You who are free to speak as you wish, to write as you wish, to express yourself freely without fear of punishment, what are you doing with your freedom? To whom much is given, much will be required by God, and truly, in the US, much has been given. But as we speak, our freedoms are under brutal attack, and are being stripped away one by one. Even now our government is trying to hand over control of the internet to the UN, including Iran, China and Russia, all who want to limit and control what is sent over the internet. So my challenge to you who profess to follow Christ is how have you been using these freedoms to further the kingdom of God? Or have you been wasting your time talking of things that don’t matter in eternity? Please, I urge you to use your freedoms to turn people to Christ that they might find eternal life! God does not care about pictures of what you ate last night, what He cares about are the multitudes of lost people on their way to hell, and that is what we must care about too, if we claim to know Him. So please, redeem your time as we are commanded; be kingdom minded, not earthly minded. While we are free, let us use our freedoms to do God’s work. Share your faith with others, use the internet to spread truth. What an opportunity we have at this moment that millions around the world can only dream about! Use it while it lasts! 

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