Proclaiming the Gospel of Everlasting Life!

Proclaiming the Gospel of Everlasting Life!

Mark 16:15

“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’”

We all have many ideas about Scripture and how we think it should be walked out, but what we need most is to learn what Jesus did and follow in His footsteps. There are different ministries, a diversity of gifts and activities, but the same Spirit works them all to further God’s kingdom on earth (1 Corinthians 12:4- 7). Whatever area God has called a person, we must all work together to fulfill the Great Commission.

The other day as the Lord led me to go preach the gospel in Huntington, I saw a big group of Christians huddled together near where I was. They were part of an outreach and all had the same shirts on. As I was preaching, I decided to stop and speak to them to explain myself, for I know what the modern Church thinks of such speaking. It is often looked at as judgmental and unloving, and I agree some preachers are, but not all. So I explained myself and took them through Scripture to show them why I preached this way. Then I asked them for prayer and continued preaching.

So the question is: is it Biblical to preach outside and out loud, or is it unloving? The answer is not in how we feel about it, since our finite thinking is not wise, but to see what God tells us in His infinite wisdom. The world “preach” in the Greek is kērussō and it means: To herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the gospel): to proclaim, to preach, to publish.

Now this is wonderful news as an evangelist, because this is what God has called me to do. It literally means to proclaim praise or announce a message loudly or in a public way, to be a public crier! So God’s command here is to publicly and loudly proclaim the gospel to every creature. God’s word confirms this through the prophets of old who would elevate themselves and proclaim God’s word to the people. Scripture also commands us to proclaim from the rooftops what was told you in secret (Matthew 10:27). Even on the day of Pentecost, Peter preached an open air sermon that lead 3,000 to Christ! Lord let it be!

So, my friends, if you have been called to this blessed task, let none discourage you, but press on! Your feet are beautiful to God and one day you will see the fruit of your labor. The gospel you bear is the most precious message of all eternity! And, brother or sister, if your calling is in another area of ministry, please support your fellow soldiers, for they are doing God’s will. Pray for them and do not reject, for they, like you, are obeying the command of the Master.

With Love in Jesus Christ, Jonathan Ball




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