The Royal Law

The Royal law
Matthew 7:12
“Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”
Jesus just made a huge statement! He just summed up the entire Old Testament Law and the Prophets in one sentence: to love your neighbor as yourself! Wow! What an amazing concept to ponder, since by it the Law and the Prophets hang.
Let’s consider it for a moment: How do we want others to treat us? Why, we desire to be treated very well! The evidence for this is seen in the fact that we get offended when we believe we are miss-treated! You see, we want people to respect us and treat us fairly, we do not want to be left out of things nor gossiped about, we want to hear nice things about ourselves, we want people to pray for us, to love us and think of our needs. All these things and more we desire, and therefore we have just set our own standard of what Jesus commands us to do to others!
Praise the Lord for His wisdom in teaching us this royal law! Many in the world have heard of the “golden rule”, but not many live by it; otherwise there would be no adultery, hatred, covetousness, slander, murder, gossip or any other thing that offends the heart of God! But the fact that the world still loves these things and practices them without interruption tells us that they are without God, who Himself is “Love”.
But you, Oh Christian, have been given the Holy Spirit, if indeed He lives in you. And if He lives in you then this promise is yours: that the love of God (agape: unconditional love) has been poured out into your hearts by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5). Therefore you can and must love others as much as you love yourselves.
God help us to live as we are called, so that the world will see Jesus in us and turn to Him.
With love in Christ Jesus, Jonathan Ball

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