The Everlasting Kingdom

Daniel 4:3 “His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and His dominion is from generation to generation.”
This verse was written by King Nebuchadnezzar sometime in the late sixth Century B.C. This man was the king of the Nation of Babylon, who had conquered the world and all of its kings, making him the “king of kings.” Now what does the human heart want more than to be king of the world?
Yet during his life, God, the King of the universe humbled this man until he realized who was really in control. King Nebuchadnezzar finally understood who had given him his authority and that He alone is God! We would be wise to do the same.
This revelation produced humble praise to flow out of his mouth to the God of Heaven, declaring to all peoples the greatness of His power, His justice and truth! For it is He who gives riches and honor, and He reigns over all. In His hand is power and might; in His hand it is to make great and to give power to all. He exhalts kings and He humbles them, He gives life and He takes it away. He has reigned from everlasting to everlasting and there is none like Him!
Since your life will soon be over and you will stand before your Maker, why not submit yourselves to Him today?


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