Wise Fools

Romans 1:22 “Professing to be wise, they became fools.”
There is both worldly wisdom and wisdom from above. Worldly wisdom is sensual and demonic, telling people to live however they want while promising no consequences, but the wisdom from heaven teaches us to fear our Creator and submit to His ways, because He is God. One path leads to death and eternal torment and the other to eternal life.
The Scriptures tell us that what may be known of God is plain to us, because God has shown it to us (Romans 1:19, 20). You see my friends, we are without excuse. We know God exists. The evidence for His Divine attributes are stamped all over the cosmos. We can see His beautiful artwork in the morning sunrise as the fresh air hits us when we walk out the door, we can see His delicacy and intricate hand as we examine the absolute beauty of a butterfly as it gracefully flutters in the air, we can see His Divine power and providence as we examine the furry of the sun, as it rages in all of its glory, giving heat and light to the earth.
Have you ever thanked Him for all He has given you, or like an ungrateful child have you snatched what He offers you without so much as a feel of gratitude?
Take a look in the mirror; where did you get such an incredible machine that functions without your consent? Who’s brain are you using to understand what you are reading? Did you create your eyes with their 137,000,000 light sensitive cells each so that you can see this message? Where did you get your toes for balance or your eye lashes to keep the dust out of your eyes? Who decided your tongue should have 8,000 taste buds that renew every ten days so that you can enjoy juicy cheese burgers and ice cream? Was it you who designed your inner parts to digest food and send nutrients where they should go, also disposing of the waste? Did you form your heart and tell it to pump life giving blood through your veins? Was it you who programmed your DNA so that your body triggers 12 intricate chemical reactions when you cut yourself, so that your blood clots and you don’t bleed to death? Or maybe it was a far more intelligent and wise Being called “God.”
All genuine scientific discoveries and studies of creation scream at us that there is a God; a God who is supremely wise and powerful; vast and yet detailed, orderly and sovereign, terrifying and yet merciful.
We humans are born into this world, realize that we exist and then brazenly shake our fists at the heavens, defiantly declaring that we are god and there is no other. Professing to be wise we become fools.
The very reason man rejects the obvious truth that God exists is because God is also “moral”, and mankind does not want to be told how to live, even by the One who made them. Man loves adultery, pornography, murder, rape, pride, arrogance, unfaithfulness, greed, lust, hatred, gossip, slander, homosexuality, idolatry, drunkenness, covetousness and the like, and therefore hates God because He is holy.
But God in His mercy has provided forgiveness for the world through His Son’s death on the cross, His burial and resurrection. Because Jesus took our rightful punishment, God can legally dismiss our case and give us eternal life; but to reject such a wonderful and undeserved gift, even saying there is no God, is to spit in His face and trample His sacrifice under your feet. With such an offense, all that is left is a fearful expectation of the fierce wrath of God, which is eternal. But why would you chose such a fate?
With much love for your souls, Jonathan Ball
P.S. Even the great satanist Aleister Crowley, who lived an arrogant life full of rebellion to God, paced back and forth at the day of his death, being in fear and torment because he knew he was about to meet his Maker…



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