Love your Neighbor

Love your Neighbor
Mark 12:31
“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
Once a man dressed up as a homeless person and sat in front a Church. As “Christians” flooded in that day to hear the message and fulfill their religious duties, not one person stopped to minister to the man nor care for his needs. Then, the man got up, walked to the front and declared to the people the coldness of their hearts, for he was the speaker that day.
How many people have we passed up in the business of life? As we wear the name of Christ, or Levite or Priest, do we truly perform our spiritual duty to love our neighbor as ourselves? Ashamedly I must say “no”, we do not often walk the way we should. But we must, for whoever denies the least of these denies Jesus Christ Himself.
Lord please open our eyes to see what you see. Give us hearts that break for the lost, give us compassion that swallows our fears. Use what you have to serve others; do not be afraid to get your hands dirty. Look for the need, and meet it. Do you not see them? They are all around, a world full of walking dead men who need the water of life. Satan has beaten and broken them, sin has left them festering with soars, like leprosy that eats the flesh. They are rotten and dead, in need of the words of eternal life.
God has chosen you and I to be the vessels through whom He operates. Therefore, do not stop the flow of His Spirit by the clutter of selfishness or apathy, but seek to have clean hands and a pure heart so God can use you, and surely He will use you, dear friend. Let His power work through you mightily to reach every tribe, tongue and nation on earth, for He seeks such to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.
With love, Jonathan Ball

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