Proverbs 20:1

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is a brawler; and whoever is lead astray by it is not wise.”

Alcohol is a poison. When someone is in-toxic-ated, he is “poisoned.” The body protests with confused thinking, slurred speech, and impaired vision, memory, and judgment. The victim vomits. The next day his head throbs with pain, yet he still drinks the poison. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been maimed on the roads by drunk drivers, yet the world cannot bring itself to say, “Don’t drink.” It can only say, “Don’t drink and drive.” This is because alcohol is the only enemy man has succeeded in loving. It destroys his liver, heart, and kidneys. It gives him high blood pressure and causes blood vessels to burst in his skin. It leads him to beat his wife and abuse his kids. It will eventually destroy his ability to enjoy the intimacies of the marriage bed. Yet he still drinks.

He thinks alcohol is a “stimulant.” In truth, it is a suppressant that reduces his inhibitions. It dulls the nagging of his conscience so that he can commit sexual and other sins that he couldn’t indulge in while sober. A man who gives himself to the demon of alcohol becomes a slave to its addictive properties. It mocks him. It steals his dignity. It takes control of his will. Whoever is deceived by it (and there are millions) is not wise.

Ray Comfort

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